Blogger Outreach

You may have heard the term “blogger outreach” thrown around during meetings, or talking with fellow entrepreneurs and had no idea what it meant. Well, blogger outreach is becoming a very big deal within the online marketing world, so it’s one you’ll want to learn immediately. Luckily we can help you there!

What is blogger outreach?

Firstly, the term blogger outreach is also known by a different name which you may have heard of: Influencer Marketing. In short, blogger outreach is brands like yours, working with large blogs to create great, informative content for their readers.

The long-form answer is companies contacting people with large social media followings, well-read blogs and influential people within the same space as their business, in order to work with them on developing something that would be valuable to both the influencer’s followers and bring awareness to the business within the space.

How does blogger outreach help your brand?

Firstly, producing a great piece of content for a large blog brings awareness to your business from people that may not necessarily have heard of you. When they see you’ve produced something authoritative, it makes them interested in your brand as well as building up trust, which can then be leveraged in your favour.

Secondly, creating long-form content on a popular, authoritative blog that gets lots of views, that also contains a link to your site, helps your site’s SEO a great deal. Gaining a backlink from a site that has lots of authority with search engines, transfers some of that authority to you, which helps you leapfrog your competition in Google, Bing and the like!

Next, working with influencers in your space, builds up relationships that can then lead to larger opportunities and get you in front of larger audiences then you will have had before.

Finally, Blogs are the joint 3rd most likely source to influence a buyers purchase – 31% according to Technorati. This means that if you create a great piece of content that gets people talking and visiting your post, those people looking for your services are much more likely to buy from you!

Why you should outsource your blogger outreach

Blogger outreach can be a very long and difficult process. First you have to find blogs within the same industry as your business, that also have a high amount of engaged visitors, a high authority rating in search engines and performs in outreach services.

Once you have found them, you then need to create a value proposition for them that is in their best interest to allow you to produce content for them. You then need to actually create the content, which is not only interesting and keeps viewers/readers engaged, but also is related to the blog and informative. You also need to find a way to link that content to your brand and site. Not an easy process!

We believe your time could be much better spent on income-generating tasks, so since you’re already here, why not reach out to our outreach services? We believe we provide great value, being both efficient and professional and we have worked with and expanded many brands across the world!

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