Generating Leads From Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

If you need to generate leads from social media, it’s a more effective tool mostly because one can easily find the target market through social media marketing. 92% of marketers according to prefer using social media, since they find it very convenient.

There are various ways one can generate leads using social media;

1. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an efficient way of advertising since it involves the use of lead generation tools that help in collecting leads and is also cheap.

2. Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is convenient for local businesses. It helps businesses reach their clearest customers since it aims at reaching the people nearest to the business.

Geo-targeting is a fast and cheap strategy, but unfortunately, most businesses do not use it.

These are various ways of geo-targeting. They include Hoot suite dashboard, Twitter advanced search, and hootlet chrome extension.

3. Social Media Listening

Social media listening involves observing people’s comments and opinions about your business online through finding forums where your business, competitors or products have been mentioned and then analysing these comments and ideas.

Social media listening also involves social media monitoring where data of what has happened is gathered and used to evaluate the effectiveness of social marketing. Social listening can, therefore, help you get in touch with the people talking about your product and build a relationship with your brand.

4. Use of Hangout or Live Video

The first strategy of using live video and hangout to generate leads is by making the video a gated content. This method will require the public to first sign up by keying in their contact information; they are providing you with leads.

The other way of generating leads by use of live video and hangout is by providing offers and coming up with contexts and rewards that will involve viewers and encourage them to participate. You can then direct these participants to your social media pages.

5. Use of a Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page has features that could help in generating leads such as Facebook custom tabs that are located in the left column of the page. These tabs will help in lead generation especially when giving away offers and setting up concerts.
Adding Tabs such as “Contact Us” tab or a “subscribe now” tab is a fast way of generating leads.

6. Facebook Groups

You can create your won Facebook group or share your content on the comments or wall section of another company’s group. Ensure your content is relevant to the kind of group you are posting in.

7. Competitions

Competitions and contests are a great way of increasing leads. The information gathered from the application of these contests about these customers are very useful in helping you contact them.

Also, when deciding a prize, go for one that will draw people to the contest, and that will promote your product using your product as a prize can also be very useful and will, therefore, target potential customers.

8. Generating Leads Using Instagram

Unlike Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Instagram was not precisely designed for marketing. However, there are a few ways that Instagram can generate leads. They include:

9. Use of Comments

It’s essential to pay attention to what people comment on your post and to reply to those comments. This observation will create a connection between you and the customer.

10. Use of Hashtags

Hashtags have been used a lot by companies to make people aware of their existence and of the products or services they offer. Creating a hashtag that does necessarily have to be about your business will help generate leads. When the hashtag is searched, your products will appear in the results hence creating a lot of leads.

11. Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

LinkedIn being a site created for networking is apparently perfect for generating leads. There are various ways to use LinkedIn to generate leads. Through LinkedIn premium, businesses have direct access to different types of leads and can therefore directly get in touch with them. Inbound marketing and LinkedIn publishing enable one to provide information to people about his/her business and therefore generate leads.

12. Slide Share

Slide share has a lot of traffic. It shares content through side decks. When creating your side decks, ensure that your content is useful to your target audience. Connect your LinkedIn and slide share account for your presentations to be seen on your LinkedIn page.

13. Using Twitter to Generate Leads.

You can generate leads using Twitter in the following ways:-

a. Brand mention – this involves paying attention to what is being said about your product/businesses online. It’s, therefore, essential to follow the conversations about your business on Twitter and engage in them to generate leads.

b. Twitter Cards – when using a twitter card, pay attention to statistics and ensure you only use 140 characters. Also, use an attractive image, twitter cards have been proven to produce a lot of leads.

c. Events – Twitter events such as Twitter chats help in creating leads. Creating events on twitter about your business or company will make people curious about your company and therefore generating leads. Ask me anything (AMA) is also another event on Twitter that you could use to generate leads.

d. Share Links – sharing links to gated content can be useful in generating leads. To access the gated content, the interested people will first have to provide their contact information hence producing leads. You can, therefore, share links to these gated content. This technique will enable you to reach those who are very interested in your product. Your content should, therefore, be closely related to your industry.

14. Generating Leads Using Instagram

Adding video annotations on your YouTube video will help generate leads. The video should have a catchy title to attract attention.

15. Pinterest

Pinterest can be used to generate leads. It has been successfully used by real estate companies to create leads.

16. Quora

Answering questions of Quora can be a convenient way of acquiring leads, especially when answering questions from customers.

17. Social Media Tools

Overlay tools are used to get leads from other areas where you published posts. These tools are helpful in posting your content on various media sites.

18. Webinars

You can create webinars on social media platforms and advertise your products. Make the webinar lively and engaging to ensure that you get the attention of potential clients.

In conclusion, generating leads is about creating a relationship with your potential customers. The increase of social media sites every day provides a broader platform for businesses and companies to generate leads. Therefore, businesses should get smart and make good use of the wide market social media has to offer.

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